Dynamic Pest Solutions offer solutions to any residential pest control issue you may have.

Six monthly to annual general pest treatments and termite inspections are our specialty.

The products we use are completely safe for pets and children and we pride ourselves on using Australian made products that are formulated to suit the tough Australian climates.

Our general pest treatments offer the control and prevention of cockroaches (both German and large cockroaches), spiders, ants, and silverfish, we also put rodent bait in the roof for you, to prevent against mouse and rat harbourage.

We treat all areas of your home including:

  • interior,

  • exterior,

  • balconies/verandahs,

  • roof void, sub floor (if applicable),

  • fence line,

  • garden, and

  • any fixtures.

Our termite inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standards, and we are proud to say all our pest technicians are trained, accredited and insured at the highest possible level. Upon completion of our services Dynamic Pest Solutions will issue a report outlining not only any termite damage or activity but also any conditions around your home that could be altered by you, to reduce the chances of termite harbourage.